Google Recruitment Video on YouTube

Posted on 19th May, 2006

If you ever wondered what makes Google a great company to work with, this video unveiles those interesting details that manage to attract, recruit and keep the best people.

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal writes

Sure, the video is totally 60 Minutes-esque Google PR with Google lava lamps, employees having meetings while sitting on brightly colored balance balls (which has to be excellent for developing core muscles), and the Google 15, which is the legendary 15 pounds gained by employees after getting hooked on the delicious Google food.

Googleplex health gyms (to counter the Google 15), volleyball, childcare, flexible hours and leave time for expecting and new mothers, 20% employee time projects and the Google interview process.

There’s also a special guest spot in the video by Sergey Brin, who happens to be wearing “high heels for men” during the promo – which makes the video worth checking out even more.

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