Google releases Google Toolbar 2.0 (BETA) for Firefox

Posted on 9th April, 2006

If you haven’t read this already somewhere, Google has released the Google Toolbar 2.0 for Firefox recently. The new version offers enhanced search box that includes ‘smart’ features such as instant suggestions, spelling corrections and history as you type.

It also introduces many other features such as Safe Browsing feature which warns you about unsafe sites, Send with Gmail which opens whenever you click an email link and Custom Layouts.

One particular feature that I am interested in is the Subscribe to Feed feature that allows you to automatically subscribe to a site’s feed.

Next time I won’t have to go to Bloglines.com and enter the feed URL (unless the site has a Bloglines subscribe button) that I want to subscribe. This is convenient and a time saver feature for me.

But when I tried to update my toolbar, for some reasons it wouldn’t update, tried removing and reinstalling but still no go.

If you are having problem installing this version, such as it’s showing Version 1.0.20051122 instead of the version 2.0.20060404, I suggest you try downloading the google-toolbar.xpi into your hard disk and install it from there. That did the trick for me.

The Google Toolbar usually updates itself automatically without your intervention, but as with any software still in its beta, some hiccup isn’t unexpected.

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