Google releases Related Links

Posted on 5th April, 2006

In an effort to spread its technology to other sites, Google has launched another product called Google Related Links today.

It’s resource a box which you can place on your site to provide contextual links related to your site content. The links, which are automatically refreshed, are designed for related news, search and Web pages.

Here’s an example.

(In case the box is invisible, check out the Related Links homepage for an example)

It’s just like Adsense but I am not quite sure how this service can benefit webmasters by sending their traffic away without getting compensated in anyway by Google.

The service may be able to offer interesting content links for your visitors but it takes the attention away from your own content. It may even compete with Adsense ads on your site.

I hope this service will turn out to be more than that in the coming months.

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