Google sued by a firm that is upset my its ranking

Posted on 19th March, 2006

There’s seems to be no end to Google’s battling case after case in the court. This time a firm is suing Google for blacklisting its website from Google’s index.

From the article:

KinderStart’s lawsuit alleges Google’s policing efforts have penalized Web sites that have done nothing wrong. To make matters worse, the suit alleges the banished sites can’t determine how they can restore their standings because the company doesn’t explain its actions.

Have done nothing wrong? The firm SEO should had read what Matt Cuff have got to say about why websites banished from its index and how to request for re-inclusion.

I’ve als read somewhere that the firm had been a chronic spammer. If anything, this could be just another attempt for the firm to get attention and free media coverage. But that losing the case against, which I think they will, must hurt I imagine.

Read full story here.

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