Google Updates AdSense Policies

Posted on 7th June, 2007

Google has updated the AdSense program policies today. The two major changes are:

1. AdSense publishers are required to comply with their Page Quality Guidelines. If you’re an AdWords advertiser, you might already be familiar with these guidelines. As a publisher, it will help you create sites with simple navigation and substantial, useful content.

2. Secondly, you can now place up to three link units on a single page. Previously publishers were limited to only one link unit per page.

Do you know that placing link units can potentially increase your AdSense income? Well it does at least on my websites.

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  • green says:

    I have heard about three link units issue at John’s blog firstly. It is a good opportunity for publishers now.

  • Ed Kohler says:

    I’m a big fan of link units since they’re fairly unobtrusive compared to other ad formats. The revenue per pixel is quite high.

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