Google Video Ads – Not A Bright Idea?

Posted on 27th May, 2006


Michael Arrington of TechCrunch believes that this new ad format won’t be popular for advertisers, publishers or viewers.

I think it’s still early to decide what the future may hold for video ads but anyway here are the reasons why Michael thinks so.

First, Google needs to eat its own dogfood. It won’t be placing these ads on their own sites for now. Why? Perhaps their early testing showed that consumers don’t want to click on these nearly as often as significantly less intrusive text ads. Or perhaps Google just doesn’t want to sully its super-clean site with this stuff. Either way, without Google search, advertisers will be significantly less interested in the product.

Second. When someone clicks on a video, they aren’t clicking through to a website, where some sort of action can occur that can be tied to an ROI. People like Adsense becasue it can result in sales or other trackable actions. Videos don’t do that. Even though the web is making multi-media drop dead easy, people still like text (and that’s why blogs are interesting to a lot more people than podcasts).

Continue reading: Google PPC Video Ads – Why I’m Betting Against It

I’d love to have video as appeared on some of my video blogs to see how its performance as compare to the link and image ads. As Google should gives publishers to opt out of showing video ads.

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