Google Video Ads Start Appearing On My Site

Posted on 29th June, 2006

My assistant has noticed recently that video ads started appearing in one of my sites. Here’s how it looked:


It’s still early to see any significant impact of these ads on my site.

From a publisher point of view, I think it can go both ways, lower or higher pay per click (CPC) and click through rates (CTR), depending on the following reasons:

Lower CTRs could be due to:

  1. When someone clicks on a video, they are playing the video and do not go to the advertiser’s website straight away. This extra barrier increases the chance of lower conversion when ROI does not occur immediately, advertiser would lower the cost per click CPC to cover cost and this reduction is passed to the publisher.
  2. People do not want to watch video ads due to time constrain. Successful video ads spread virally, not via some pay means.

On the other hand, higher CTRs on these ads, especially at the early stages of their implementation, could be due to

  1. The novelty factor. Even my assistant was tempted to click on a video ad without realizing that it’s a video ad sitting there. The novelty factor makes it looks as if it’s part of the content, not as an ad.
  2. CTRs could also be higher for video ads that appear on video blog. People in a video blog or sites want to watch video. The trick is to show videos that are appealing enough so that they’re willing watch it until the end.

  • korokmu says:

    People might think that the video ad is a google video because the player looks like the same. By the way, I can’t see the ads on your video blogs.

  • Gaman says:

    It’s not there actually, it’s on one of my other websites.

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