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Posted on 30th March, 2007

www.gov.my is a website created by the Malaysian government to help members of the public access a host of government websites and obtain information ranging from payment to complaints, applications and services and more.

The website links to 395 online services of ministries, departments and agencies and 3,300 Government forms are available for free download.

The range of information on offer is mind boggling and because of this it is important to have them arranged in an intuitive ways. Currently I think the main page is a little over-crowded. There’s no single focus to guide users to help them find the info they wanted quickly and easily. Every element competes for attention and this lowered the usability of the website.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed that government designed websites tend to use outdated designed elements. They should remove the animated gif and best viewed with Internet Explorer notice. That’s so 90s.

They should also forgo the Latest New which shows news snippets. People go to news portal to read news not here.

The explanation about user’s privacy in the FAQ section is a little confusing and could use a little rewording. It says they do not monitored access and usage of the portal, and yet their Privacy Policy says otherwise.

Having said those, I applaud the government for the initiative to make information easily accessible to the general public. I am looking forward for the introduction of new services such as online application of birth certificates with the NRD and online registration of business with Companies Commission of Malaysia.

This will enable the public to send application forms electronically without having it printed and submitted via post.


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  • On the technical point of view, it’s ironic that they still use Microsoft products. Whereas in Western countries, the direction is moving to open source and far more reliable platforms.

    • bengodomon says:

      Choice of platform is just one component of many of what comprises security. If i choose oss doesnt mean i am more secure – but of course it’s a good start. Your statement where you said “far more reliable platforms” is itself still highly debatable, and I am saying this as one who’s pro-OSS.

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