Has anybody bought a house with Adsense yet?

Posted on 30th March, 2006

Someone over at WebmasterWorld posted this funny question if anybody has bought a house with Adsense yet.

It’s interesting and sometimes inspirational to learn others experience making money with Adsense.

Many just use a portion of the AdSense income towards their mortgage or rent payments. Some were successful enough to pay off their entire mortgage outright. Some earned enough to by a prestigious home for their birds. Some don’t use it towards their home, but rather use it towards their business, to generate more long term income with AdSense (and then possibly use it towards a house then)

[via SERoundTable]
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  • kloeschen.de says:

    Ich kaufe mir ein Haus – mit Adsense…

    Wer mit Adsense schon genug verdient, um ein neues Haus zu kaufen ( bei mir reicht es gerade mal für die monatlichen Raten für mein Auto ), sollte sich in diesem Thread bei Webmasterworld beteiligen. Voraussetzung dafür ist natürli…

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