How a Malaysian Made US2746.56 from AdSense in August 2007

Posted on 24th September, 2007

I was browsing Alang’s blog at Blog Webmaster Malaysia when I came across a post about the highest income he had earned from AdSense in a day.

Alang was one of the few Malaysians who have been very successful with AdSense. He used to make between $3000 to $4000 from AdSense in 2005. The most he has made from AdSense in a day was $144.74. Unfortunately, he no longer earns as much these days.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the highest income I had made from AdSense in a day was $394.14. I guess I was lucky to get high paying ads in combination with some good traffic. These days I make anywhere from $500 to $800 from AdSense monthly, a far cry from what I was making in the past years.


Alang post was created in response to another post by Naem, who was apparently made an impressive US2746.56 from AdSense in August 2007.

When I first read Naem post, I wondered what was the point he tried to make when he asked his readers what they think about a screenshot of an AdSense income. I thought it was someone else’s income.

After browsing the comments, I found an explanation about it. I personally prefer to read some insight in the post itself instead of having to shift through the comments but I understand that he wasn’t in the mood when he posted that.

Anyway, from what I’ve read, Naem’s marketing effort involves taking advantage of the social networking sites such as Friendster and MySpace. He created lots of accounts on these sites and then promoted them using video clips at places like YouTube.com and Metacafe.com. In addition, he created several forums to drive more traffic.

One thing I disagree with his technique is that he openly advocates creating splogs or spam blogs. To add content for his community sites, he recommended copying and pasting from other sites. I guess he hasn’t heard about duplicate content penalties, not to mention that it’s basically stealing and unethical. Well he admitted that’s something he doesn’t pay much attention to.

Like everything involving spamming and blackhat techniques, it usually won’t last long. I am saying this because in addition to the duplicate content, the unnatural link growth might raise the search engines’ red flag. When that happens, you can forget about getting traffic from the search engines.

While I can see he had worked very hard to earn his income, I wouldn’t recommend anyone from using his method – unless you are only after a quick buck and don’t mind having all your effort go down the drain in an instant when Google finds out.

While it’s nice to read about another Malaysian making good money from AdSense these days, I’d like to read more about those that have made it using whitehat techniques.

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  • Tim says:

    This is very great result ! I hope I can reach that earnings one day very soon 🙂
    Please give your reviews on my new blog.

  • Mr. Rajawang says:

    It’s good hearing about a Malaysian earnings that much from adsense.. 😛

  • Jawa says:

    Yes is true Gaman, all of them doing something wrong promote using splog, copying other people content and advice other people to do the same. Shame on them. Even one guy has produced an ebook, to teach newbie how to make money with adsense. But remember, those method will not last long and they will need to start it again to achieve that amount. Pity on them.

    Last April till July, I managed to get USD100 per day consistently using PPC (adsense arbitrage), than one day, my payout for adsense is getting smaller and smaller. I need to do something, than I found Azoogle. I’d change my style from adsense arbitrage to CPA arbitrage. Boom!!!, USD 2000 profit per month consistently from August until now. Without me doing anything, just setup campaign, make it profitable and than forget about it. It gave me USD 2000 profit every month. Until today, I never look at that campaign, just leave it running. This how those superaffiliate make money..Salute to them….For adsense, goodbye from me..

  • phyzhoe says:

    US2746.56 from AdSense!! Naem really work hard on this. he deserve to get that much from google. i think i should follow him

  • iry says:

    Hm.. what I like about Naem is his determination, focus and marketing effort. 🙂

  • david says:

    plagiarism is never a good thing. Just a matter of time before authors find out they been plagiarized and start sending him letters to take off the site!

  • mrBadak says:

    waw Jawa… that’s good profit.. my azoogle is still hanging at USD$30… 😛

  • iter says:

    huawawawaa…:(( i cannot earn even 1 usd a month.

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    the funny thing is that this domain is new, alexa is low and PR is nothing. He may get traffic from those unconventional tactic, but he may just be a guy boasting and alang and gaman gave some promotion. This is the high push to his blog traffic and money.

    it is weird…but i may be wrong.

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    oh..i found a search on his email


    posting to advertise his blogspot mrbean-fan.blogspotdotcom

  • papajoneh says:

    Thanks for this info Gaman. Another motivation for me.

  • Soprano says:

    It’s quite shame for me as Malaysian after reading such a claim. Creating SPAM blogs by copying other people’s copyright materials are not good way, either to earn some quick bucks via AdSense, AuctionsAds whatsoever.

    The thing is, people are getting lazier and wanna make quick bucks, that’s why they’re ‘working hard’ sending comments on social bookmarking, which can be regarded as SPAMMING.

    For me this is not a good practice since it’s being discussed publicly. They’re also never thought of copyright materials that they used to promote their SPAM blogs.

    In terms of giving value content to the readers, these blogs give nothing at all. What happen when our blogosphere are ‘clouding’ with these splogs?

    I do think that Google will have something to do with this and I’m quite certain that they are working hard towards these quick bucks chaser.

    Just my 2.0 cents,

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  • naem says:

    hohohoho..thanks for your review here. 🙂

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  • sns says:

    Hey Gaman

    You mentioned …
    “These days I make anywhere from $500 to $800 from AdSense monthly, a far cry from what I was making in the past years.”

    Any reason for the decrease in adsense earnings? Shouldn’t your adsense earnings keep increasing? Or did you make any changes to the no of ads on your site?

    • Gaman says:

      I lost most of my traffic after one of Google’s algorithm updates. However, my Internet income continues to increase because I diversify.

  • If it’s arbitraje, and he spend $300 to get that traffic… it’s not quite a big deal.. I used to make that kind of money on adsense when I did arbitraje in the past years. Anyway good for him. I like to see people earning a lot of money online!

  • surfaddict says:

    naem is still newbie and he doing all the methods and try to generate money from adsense. To be honest, there is few unethical method been applied by him.

    For those who already knew about it, let just take the good lesson only. Determination and focus will bring us a good paid. 🙂

  • techblogy says:

    I was lucky to get high paying ads in combination with some good traffic.

    Can you tell me how to get high paying ads instead of low paying ads?

  • surfaddict says:

    techbology, you need to do some keyword analysis using a few tool.

  • phyzhoe says:

    just follow simple tips from problogger and i got high CTR although my traffics still low. The secret is to place your ads in the right place. No need to be unethical blogger. I am still newB

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  • affzan says:

    From Islamic point of view, plagiarism and stealing other people’s contents are both unethical and prohibited. So even if these people can escape Google’s penalty, if they are Muslims, creating MFA from stealing other people’s contents is something that they shouldn’t do anyway.

    But nowadays, people would do anything for money. Sigh..

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  • Shueqry says:

    I knew Naem from WangCyber.com and CariGold.com blogger forum.

    He has a big determination and strong will too. Ini yang sia tabik spring sama Naem! 😀

    Promoting blog using social sites using 30 more accounts is not an easy task to do, and he succeded doing that.


  • Jonk says:

    Hmm..I heard that someone made 3000 eur in one month.Could that be possible? What do you say?

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