How Google Handles Hacked Sites

Posted on 6th December, 2006

Matt Cutts the head if the webspam team at Google recently posted an article regarding how Google handles hacked sites.

Using a real example, Matt shows how a hacked site was identified, dropped and re-included.

So what we can learn from this as a site owner?

Ultimately, we are responsible for making sure our site isn’t spammy. As Matt puts it

If you pick a bad search engine optimizer (SEO) and they make a ton of spammy doorway pages on your domain, Google still needs to take action. Hacked sites are no different: lots of spammy/hacked sites will try to install malware on users’ computers. If your site is hacked and turns spammy, Google may need to remove your site, but we will also try to alert you via our webmaster console and even by emailing you to let you know what happened.

Also, make sure you have a contact email on your site or blog which you check regularly in case this happens to you and Google needs to notify you.

Read the full story: How Google Handles Hacked Sites

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