How I made a million in 3 months – with Adsense

Last modified on 25th March, 2006

So you thought a guy making USD80K in less than two months was an impressive achievement?

No doubt, it was and always will be.

But an interesting thread over at WebmasterWorld has pushed the boundary of possible Internet income even further. It’s about one gentleman who made one million dollars in three month. Yes, you read that right, it’s a one man operation.

I am curious to know the URL of his website but it’s not mentioned anywhere in the thread although some members hinted that it’s in the dating niche.

There’s a lot good advice, not a step-by-step how to, but good enough to point anyone into the right direction. He’s using users generated content to earn his income. I hope this guy will post more in the coming days.

Now it made me start thinking about continuing the development of my community-based websites again.


  • Swifty says:

    If I am not wrong, the person is Markus, and his website is http://www.plentyoffish.com/ It might be him because he was bragging about his site being more busy than Digg at Techcrunch.com.

  • Swifty says:

    Yeah, I read that last night, it’s featured in Reddit.com. Good stuff.

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