How Sabahan.com receives 1500 visitors within 24 hours

Posted on 1st March, 2006

After posting a story about Tammy the Singaporean student who filmed an explicit sex video with her boyfriend using her camera phone and had the phone misplaced, Sabahan.com was swamped with truckloads of traffic, at times, up to 100 visitors for every hour. At the end of 24 hour period after the article was posted, Sabahan.com has gotten over 1500 visitors.

Good traffic but no I am not going to have this post tagged by Technorati this time. Sure this would spike the traffic up, hell I could have taken advantage of the Tammy phenomenon and monetize the traffic by inserting some affiliate links or CPM banner on this blog like this guy but I won’t.

I don’t like it when people come here all for the wrong reasons. Most of them are horny Singaporean guy looking for the sex video which I do not have. Once they’ve found out I do not offer what they wanted, they go somewhere else and continue their conquest.

I want this blog to be a destination for my visitors, but certainly I don’t want it to cater for the wrong audience.

Anyway, in case you are wondering if my Adsense income increases during the traffic madness, no it didn’t. It stays the same. Good luck Tammy.

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  • Boss Stewie says:

    If you truly felt sorry for Tammy then you wouldn’t have made the post at all… but what is done is done.

    Besides, you don’t want one-time visitors which added up to your 1500 visits… what you want are the visitors that visit your blog daily with or without your tammy nyp post.

    good luck on expanding your readership

  • Gaman says:

    Well the post is more about Tammy phenomenon than Tammy herself. It was as a result of the stories published in the local Malaysian newspapers. If it can happen to Tammy, it can happen to anyone so I also hope this can be a reminder to anyone to be careful with what they record in their camera phone.

    Yes I’ll post another Tammy post if a report from my local paper caught my attention. Nobody writes about what happens to Tammy after this incident, or the actions taken by the authority, her school etc as a result of this incident.

    But I won’t have it tagged by Technorati.

  • pinolobu says:

    gaman, my record was 3000+ visits in 24 hrs when i blogged about wafah dufour, where the average no is not even worth mentioning….

    i didnt blog about tammy not because i’m a saint and wont try to make a quick buck out of other people’s misery, but because i thought i couldnt add anything new to what other people already said.

    2nd thing, you’re quite established in this netpreneur thing, judging from the few websites that you have. would love to learn more from you and ppl like gobala krishnan.

    – are you already doing this fulltime due to the steady income stream?
    – you are mostly an adsense specialist, and perhaps affiliate programs. you not doing anything like irfan khairi or even ramona ali i.e. sell your expertise to the world?

  • Gaman says:

    Hi pinolobu,

    I have one post about Tammy that’s tagged on Technorati.

    To answer you questions, yes I am a full time netpreneur, if that’s what you like to call it 😉

    I guess I do not consider myself as an Adsense specialist, there are other Malaysians who earn more from Adsense than myself. I am more to affiliate programs, creating/selling your own products kind of guy.

    I still have lots of things to do and learn before I can consider myself successful. I do not offer coaching due to other commitments and time constrain but, I hope to post more about marketing tips in this blog from time to time, so watch this space 🙂

  • pinolobu says:

    noted & thanks for the kind infosharing.

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