How to Add the “Edit This” Link Somewhere In Your Blog Posts

Posted on 26th September, 2007

The “Edit This” link lets you go directly to WordPress’s Write Post editor where you can edit any post that has been published. It offers a more convenient way to edit your posts than having to login into your Dashboard and click Manage > Posts

The link is usually placed next to the date or post info and only visible when you are logged in as admin, editor, author, or anyone who has been granted with the ability to edit a post.


Some WordPress themes have this function built-in while for others, you would have to add it yourself. To do so, login to your Dashboard, and then go to Theme Editor under the Presentation tab.

Select your Single Post or Main Index Template file, then add the following code anywhere you want the “Edit This” link to appear. Done? You are ready to go.

<?php edit_post_link(); ?>


  • Eshark says:

    Wah! So simple.. nice one!
    Mine already got this function since the theme I use already has the built-in, the only thing is different was this comes with text written ‘Edit This’ while my one just ‘e’.

  • Kay Kastum says:

    It is really a time saver. This is one function I can’t live without! I had mine thanks to my designer sis 😀

  • Tim says:

    gaman, thanks for the useful tips ya. I have done the same thing on my blog 🙂

    –blog for dream–

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