How to Buy Votes and Get On Digg’s Frontpage

Posted on 2nd March, 2007

Here’s some interesting story from a Wired reporter doing some investigative journalism.

The reporter created a boring and poorly written blog dedicated to showing picture of crowds and managed to get to the digg’s frontpage.

She paid User/Submitter to digg her blog and the natural organic digg followed suit.

It’s an interesting story worth reading.

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  • Edrei says:

    You know what’s funny? Wired News is owned by CondéNet, which also owns Digg competitor, reddit.

    I was laughing my head off when I read this. But that’s Wisdom of Crowds for you. Good ol horde mentality. 🙂

  • Joneh says:

    being human, always follows others. end up same like others. 😉

  • dan1el says:

    The digg crowd does tend to act like sheep. And even with all the changes they’ve implemented its still a small group of influential users that control the content on the front page.

  • […] am sure quite a few of those who dugg the stories were suffering from the horde mentality syndrom – if everyone is digging it, I must digg it […]

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