How to Easily Back Up Your WordPress Data Automatically

Posted on 22nd June, 2006

One feature that I hope will be implemented in the future version of WordPress is the automatic backup function.

Currently, if you want to back up your WordPress database, you’ll have to do it manually. But wouldn’t it nice if it can be done automatically in the background?

Fortunately, there’s a painless way of doing this as described by SEOlogs.com

All you have to do is download and install two plugins, WP-DB Backup and Wp-Cron and change some settings and you are good to go.

For a complete instruction head over to SEOlogs.com


  • masterCOOK says:

    Sir I have quite a huge database that usually max-out my sqlQuery limit, do u think using this Cron backup would also contribute on depleting the SQl max queries that i have been experiencing? I have just re installed all my post coz it got corrupted due to this.

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