How to Get 35.8% More Downloads From Your Landing Page

Last modified on 21st June, 2006

Marketing Sherpa has published yet another useful case study to help marketers optimize their landing page.

This time, the case study tested various landing pages to find out how to convert people who clicked on your ads but didn’t convert in the past. Other neat results – how to increase your software download rates

If you sell software and trying to get more people to download your desktop application, the findings from the study suggest you do the followings:

  1. Use the word “download” somewhere in your headlines
  2. Include benefit oriented subheading instead of just instructional download-oriented subheading.
  3. User vertical page layout rather than horizontal one. Unlike print designs, the prospects online prefer to read in order top to bottom rather than in three column chunks going across the page.
  4. Use a big fat 3-D style download button placed above the fold and again at the bottom of the landing page.

Read the full case study: How to Get 35.8% More Downloads From Your Landing Page (& More Test Results from Monster)

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