How to Get Or Not to Get On Digg’s Homepage

Posted on 22nd February, 2007

If you have been dugg before, then good for you. But for the rest of us who haven’t had such luck, the following articles might offer some clues to help us improve our chances.


Three Proven Steps For Getting On Digg’s HomePage
Rather than concentrating on gaming Digg, the article guides you how to use common sense to increase your chances of hitting the homepage.


How to Not Get On the Digg Homepage
Google Blogoscoped takes a different approach and looked into a surefire way of ensuring your site won’t make it to the Digg frontpage. If you are trying to avoid being dugg, for whatever reason this article is for you although I would wonder why you prefer that.

The irony is, this article will probably be dugg.


10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page

While this article was published in October 2006, it’s still relevant today.This is an interesting one.


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