How to Move Your WordPress Blog From One Web Host to Another

Posted on 12th April, 2007

The need to transfer your blog from one web host to another could arise if you are switching to another hosting company for whatever reason. Done incorrectly, this move could easily break your blog and make it unusable at the new web host.

Turbocharged has written a helpful guide for those trying to move their blog to a new web host.

It’s not as straight forward as one might like it to be especially if you are brand new to server management. But if you’ve managed to setup your wordpress installation on your own, you’ll be able to follow the steps quite easily.

As some of you may already know, I am in the process of moving Sabahan.com and my other websites into another dedicated server.

My old server is crumbling under the load. Sabahan.com traffic is increasing and several other accounts are getting more and more visitors by the day.

A slightly popular post at Sabahan.com could bring the entire server down. Not that I get digg like traffic amount here but all processes on the server adds up to a point that it’s too much for it to handle gracefully.

I’ve been trying to use the move function in WHM (WebHost Manager) to move my accounts from the old server to the new one but it didn’t work. This is made complicated by the fact that I am moving form Ensim Pro to Cpanel.

Worse comes to worst, I would have to move my blogs manually as described in the guide.


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