How to Read Google Reader RSS Feed Offline

Posted on 12th May, 2008

Working from Coffee Bean isn’t fun for me when there’s too much distractions. I guess the real issue is not so much about the distractions but rather the surroundings which I feel isn’t conducive to my productivity. Probably it’s just me because I am used to working at my own place without having some waitress serving coffee everywhere.

I guess that’s what you would come to expect when you’ve been working online for yourself for quite sometime but it’s no big deal 😉


Anyway, now I like to bring my laptop with me when I travel in case something needs my immediate attention online; from server issues to Google AdWords alerts. It’s hard to imagine leaving without it nowdays since I got my hands on that new laptop.

When I travel back to my kampung, one thing that I hope I could have is a decent Internet connection. Using dial up Internet is an option but the signal is pretty unreliable with our CDMA based telephone.

Mobile phone signal coverage is patchy at best, so wireless Internet access via GPRS or 3G is out of the question, at least for the time being. Yes that’s how remote my Kampung is but it’s not to the point that it’s not inaccessible by road.

I can’t be as productive as I want to be without the Internet obviously. Often the time is spent catching up reading my RSS feed and there’s a feature in Google Reader that allows you to save your feed content for offline reading. To get started just install this Firefox plugin from Google Gears.

From then on, whenever you visit Google Reader, simply click the green online icon green_arrow_down.gif next to the Settings link in the upper right of the page to download the most recent articles.


While some elements such as videos and images are not available in the offline mode, your feed content will be saved into your hard drive and it will be viewable when you visit Google Reader offline. Every article you read during that session will be marked as read, and any tags you’ve applied will also be saved, for when you go back online.

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  • Anybody know how to do this automatically without pressing th button?

  • Az-1 says:


    What if we use Mozilla Thunderbird or any email&rss receiver to download Google Reader RSS Feed Online, I think this should be better.

    I using thunderbird portable to read all RSS Feed that I download via thunderbird.

    If anyone know other way tp read google reader RSS Feed by offline, I really want to know more about that.



    • i still dont know.. how to activate and use a mozilla thunderbird. maybe somebody can write a post how to using mozilla thunderbird and setup from a personal laptop.

  • catzer says:

    Wow, that more easier especially when we traveling a lot and got no internet connection. Last month i went to Sabah and the bad thing happen when no internet connection at the hotel, so i went to starbuck and downloading all the rss feed. 😀

    • Gaman says:

      Last time I went to Starbucks, their connection speed was horrible. Probably someone was using it for torrent download.

  • mrbadak says:

    wah pg wisma tidak cari sia aahhhh kekekeke – sia mau pigang2 laptop baru ko tu 😛

  • Felex Tan says:

    I agree with that.i do not feel comfortable when i was at starbucks doing my stuff,perhaps it is not my house.If reading or casual net surfing at Starbucks are alright but not working.

  • Sazkul says:

    Yeah..the best place is at home. But it will be great too if we can access internet at the ‘taman bunga’…

  • Xander says:

    There are pros and cons doing work at a cafe’ or anywhere besides office or home. Some cafes’ have good snack food you could get anytime without having to move your butt to the kitchen.
    But then again you pay a price(a hefty price) for a ‘small’ portion of it. And there’s the ‘view’ of people or things around you. Short breaks are cool…:)

  • Xander says:

    hmm..access from ‘taman bunga’..I’d probably work ‘outdoors’ more than I do home if its the case..Awesome..

  • Ralph says:

    Wow that’s very interesting!! Now I can also read the feeds I am subscribed to wherever I am

  • MYBlog says:

    i always brng with me laptop

  • Neo says:

    Let’s say we want to comment on a blog post on the feed, can that be done offline and then submit when we get a connection?

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Happy belated Kaamatan boss. Lama kau punya ‘excursion’ ni kan?

  • Rice Blogger says:

    I have download it before…but when i lost internet connection..i can’t get into reader.google.com

  • Bingkay says:

    I’d like to try that Google Reader RSS Feed. I definitely need it.

  • AhTim says:

    Google Gear defenitely fulfill your need to read feeds offline.

    –blog for dream–

  • Yourmusic says:

    Reed RSS news from Google it very important!

  • I didn’t realize that Google Reader rss feed can be download for offline reading. I’ll try to use it because I had similar problem when working at non internet connection.

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