How to Split Long Posts Into Multiple Pages

Posted on 18th June, 2007

Gary King has a post up over at The Blog Herald where he writes about a useful but not very well known feature in WordPress that could help you break up a long post into multiple pages.

I think I’ve come across this feature before but have never paid much attention to it. Once in a while when you write a long enough article and need a way to use pagination (the numbering of pages), here’s how to do this with WordPress.

In the Write interface in your WordPress admin, switch to the Code view if you are currently using the Visual view, then enter the following code at the end of the first page:


The tag will automatically create multiple-page links that appear as links at the bottom of the generated post.

Page 1, 2, 3

You can use it throughout a long post to make two, three, four, or more pages out of the single post and each insert will “break” and paginate the post at that location.

Unfortunately this feature doesn’t work well here at Sabahan.com because of the conflict with a plugin I am using.

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