How to Use Smart Keywords to Search Any Website Right From the Firefox Location Bar

Posted on 18th July, 2007

Here’s another cool tip for Firefox I came across recently. If you have a favourite website where you search frequently, a feature called Smart Keywords will let you search that website right from the Location bar.

Let say you are always curious to know any blog’s Technorati ranking and you visit Technorati.com all the time to do the search. Normally, you go to Technorati.com and click in the search box and enter domain name and click Search .

Smart keyword will make these steps redundant. To create a Smart Keyword for Technorati.com, visit their page and right click on the search field.


Choose Add a Keyword for this Search… The Add Bookmark dialog will appear. Enter a name for the Bookmark, e.g. “Technorati”, and give it a keyword, e.g. “tc” and save the bookmark.


Anytime you want to search a blog Technorati ranking, just enter tc blogname.com into the Location bar and press Enter. You’ll be taken to Technorati search result right away!

Of course you can create Smart Keyword for any of your favourite sites that you search frequently, alexa.com, bittorrent site, Amazon.com, Sabahan.com and so on.


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  • Robotys says:

    I really do search alot, and this thing will really speed things up! Thanx for da tips!

    Keep creating. 😉

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  • Azmeen says:

    Or you can just install the Technorati Search Engine from here.

    • Gaman says:

      That means I’ll have to install 10 plugins if I wanted to search 10 websites 🙂 That won’t be possible for sites which haven’t got a plugin to boot

  • Azmeen says:

    Ooops, clicked submit way too fast!

    Actually there’re a lot of Search Engines for Firefox based on the OpenSearch specifications. It’s even compatible with IE7.

    Anyway, if you’re game enough, you could create your own Search Engine.

    Sorry for the multi-post, Gaman.

  • Oh didn’t know firefox can do that too… nice tip! Thanks!

  • I use firefox everyday, and that’s probably the most handy tip I’ve heard since I started using it.


  • David Lee says:

    Your tips is very useful to me because I use the internet alot in my work.
    Thank you.

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