How To View Your Google Supplemental Index Results

Posted on 19th February, 2007

Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com has written a post about viewing your Google Supplemental Index.

To view only you supplemental results, enter the following command into Google search box

site:www.yoursite.com *** -dfdfa

Where dfdfa is just a random string.

If you don’t know what supplemental index is, it’s an index containing pages from sites that will never be shown on a typical search at Google. These pages are found only when the search is so unusual or narrow that only pages from supplemental index seem to be a match for the query.

The main purpose of Google supplemental index implementation is to ensure unique pages are served in Google search result pages.

These pages are placed there because they are trusted less by Google. Since they are crawled less frequently and have fewer resources attributed toward them, Google does not typically rank these pages as high as pages in the regular search index.

Aaron went on explaining how you can calculate your Supplemental Index Ratio which is basically

site:www.yoursite.com *** -dfdfa

So what does this supplemental ratio means?

It gives you a clue to the current relative health of your site at this moment in time.

If none of your pages are supplemental then likely you have good information architecture, and can put up many more profitable pages for your given link equity. If some of your pages are supplemental that might be fine as long as those are pages that duplicate other content and/or are generally of lower importance.

If many of your key pages are supplemental you may need to look at improving your internal site architecture and/or marketing your site to improve your link equity.

BTW, I noticed using the site:www.yoursite.com *** -dfdfa command produced an ever changing numbers starting from a lower value to a higher ones until it stopped at one point. I didn’t experience that when I did a search this afternoon so I don’t know whether it’s a bug or simply Google is in a middle of an update.

So how to get your site out of Google’s Supplemental Index? Aaron has given several recommendations here which include.

  • Get real links
  • Make longer posts
  • Reduce site wide repetitive features
  • Don’t link at garbage
  • Gaman

  • Thank you for this informative post. Just checking out my domain status. Luckily most of the supplemental index come from the comment section.

    Good post~

  • Joneh says:

    i got this response:
    Your search – Site:www.sabahan.com *** -dfdfa – did not match any documents.
    am i missing something here? must be typo error here. 😀

    • Gaman says:

      my mistake, ‘Site’ should be in small capital

      site:www.sabahan.com *** -dfdfa

      I’ve corrected the command in the article

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