How’s Your Internet Connection Today?

Posted on 13th January, 2007

Mine is just too slow to allow me from accomplishing anything meaningful online.

I thought TM was supposed to recover 80% of it’s capacity by January 12. Very reliable.. not.

Sadly, I’ve to put my business New Year resolution on hold. I’ll write more about that later.

I am unable to pursue the idea of a website I’ve been planning to create. I also plan to experiment with advertising at PetalingStreet.org, but to do it now would be a waste of money.

Instead of sitting in front of the computer waiting for something to happen, I am finishing a book I purchased from Amazon.com last year. Yes I am learning CSS which hopefully would help me in one of my promotion ideas for Sabahan.com

Lets just hope TM will fulfill their promise to have our Internet connection fully restored by 20th January.

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  • korokmu says:

    haha, you have switched to a real book at last!

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