I Was Invited to Join AdSense Optimization Program

Posted on 14th June, 2007

This morning I received an email from the AdSense Optimization Team where they invited me to join their AdSense optimization program.

I was actually asked to refrain from sharing this information with the media (I won’t do that) or with other AdSense publishers. But I can’t help it but share something at my blog but I won’t divulge everything.

Their goal is to work closely with interested publishers to apply their best practices and implement optimized layouts for your pages. As part of the Optimization program, a participant will gain access to an optimization specialist who will review his/her site to create and provide an optimized site layout.

That sounds good to me.

I am not sure as to why I am selected but I guess they are seeing some potential in my sites to improve my AdSense earning further. I don’t make thousands per month from AdSense, well I used to but anymore.

Some optimization practices that I’ve implemented at Sabahan.com and my other sites have worked quite well for me, so perhaps that’s what got their attention – not when I reach certain level of income.

Another possibility for the invitation is, I got another site that receives thousands of visitors daily but it generates a pathetically low AdSense income. If they can help me improve that, that would be great.

I searched around and found that they have been making invitation to selected publishers since 2005. One discussion about it can be found here

After you reply to the email a Google optimization specialist is assigned to you. A day or two later he came back with a new layout for my entire website. As a result overall revenue in August was up about 40%. It’s real interesting what they do, which included redesigning the ads, adding different ads, targeting ads in specific areas, etc. In some ways he knew better than I where users spend more time, and ultimately viewed more ads.

You’re probably wondering how much ad revenue it takes to get noticed. I don’t think it’s a specific number in dollars rather I think it’s a level of traffic that gets you noticed. When Google sees a certain level of traffic they expect the publisher to be earning a certain level of revenue. If you earn lower than expected based on your traffic, I assume you’ll be contacted by an optimization specialist to help bolster your revenue. Keep in mind Google wants you to earn revenue after-all that’s how they make money.

Another one at Digital Point forum

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  • LAi says:


    well..increase revenue up to 40%..that sounds reaally good. If your adsense increase after they tune up ur blog, let us know…

    hehe…maybe some of our wordpress users will chnage their templates just like yours then put the ads just like you….again 😆

    • Gaman says:

      The increase will be different from one site to another. Some are already good enough in what they are doing the AdSense team is unable to do anything else to improve the results 🙂

      Anyway, I look forward to see what tricks they have up their sleeve.

  • Dave says:

    So what happened. Was the program any good? What features did Google provide you with?

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