Important Legal Notice Regarding Your Google AdWords Account

Last modified on 25th May, 2006

That’s the subject of the email I received today.

It contains the following message written in several different languages besides English.

This court-ordered notice may affect your legal rights. Please read it carefully. If you purchased online advertising from Google between January 1, 2002 and the present, you are a class member in a class-action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Miller County, Arkansas. This notice is to inform you of the Court’s certification of a class; the nature of the claims alleged; your right to participate in, or exclude yourself from, the class; a proposed settlement; and how you can claim an award of advertising credits under the settlement. Please read the attached notice.

You can get more information at: www.clicksettlement.com.

There’s a PDF attachment containing further information regarding the court ordered notice and settlement.

At first glance, I almost thought it’s a genuine email from Google. The reason was because it’s sent to my AdWords email account which is not even my main email address.

My AdWords email is kind of private and I seldom use it to subscribe stuff from the Internet. Unless one of the ‘trustworthy’ services that I’m registered with using that email has sold my email to others without my permission.

Anyway, seeing the sender email as clicksettlement@xmr3.com raised my suspicion. Why would they hide behind some domain name called xmr3.com?

If they were to ask me to click on a link and login into my AdWords account, that’s one thing I wouldn’t do. But all they ask is to visit ClickSettlement.com to submit a claim form. I didn’t do that because I thought I still need some more confirmation about this.

At the moment, I highly suspect that this is an attempt at phishing so I’ll ignore it until I receive news from Google that would say otherwise.

There’s some running discussion about this here.

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