Interesting Eye Tracking Video

Posted on 1st June, 2006

Eye-tracking studies usually come with static images of heatmap – graphic indications of where the eyes of testers are drawn.

Instead of the usually static images, Seth Godin has posted an interesting video on his blog which show some eye tracking analysis of Squidoo.

One of the findings, as explained by Seth Godin was bad design can actually be a good thing:

One of the takeaways is that bad web design might actually be a good thing! Slightly bad design isn’t familiar. It’s off. It demands attention. (Very bad design demands the ‘back’ button, of course). One of the reasons that experienced power tool users–like table saws–can still lose a finger is that they don’t pay attention… it’s too easy to turn the thing on and just use it.

I wasn’t surprise to learn that Google AdSense was mostly ignored by the viewers in the study. The main reason is because AdSense ads are familiar to many users. In addition, using a palette and selecting a good ad position that blend well with the content are very important. These are the areas where Squidoo could improve upon.

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