Interesting Videos From YouTube.com

Posted on 18th February, 2007

Here’s a few interesting videos I came across today


Master Plan – About the power of Google

While the privacy concern addressed by the video can be genuine to a certain extent, somehow I think this as nothing more than a potentially good plot for a conspiracy theory movie.

We know Yahoo and Microsoft collect more details personal information from their users that Google has ever did.

Microsoft adCenter for example allows me to target my advertising campaign based on surfer’s age and gender besides the geographical targeting.


A YouTube Clip with Google Ads

I hope this is not how Google will choose to integrate AdSense into YouTube video clips. LOL

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  • mirul says:

    A great video!

  • earl-ku says:

    hahah i think the ads will be somehow like opaque and will blend in to the video … hahah or a ticker like ad on top? hahaha

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