Is Your Blog Written for Him or Her?

Posted on 1st May, 2007

Here’s an interesting tool to help you find out a site’s he/she ration. It is measured by counting the number of pages on the domain containing the word “he”. Then this is compared with the number of pages with the word “she”.

The following is the result for Sabahan.com


Does this means that Sabahan.com is written primarily for male audience? Nope. It just happens that examples/stories that I’ve written are usually associated with males rather than females.

In the post, one of the commentators writes

Pretty interesting idea, but you have to have sites categories in mind when interpreting the results. For example political sites have more “he” because there are currently many more male politicians. On the other hand porn sites in general have more “she”, because the biggest group using them is heterosexual males (again…). Less obvious examples are of course much more interesting. But the think to remember it that service with big representation of one gender’s form isn’t FOR this gender or PRO this gender or SUPPORTING this gender. It’s only ABOUT this gender (as porn sites example shows…).

What’s you site’s he/she ratio?


  • green says:

    It says %78 he for my blog

  • mohdismail says:

    he he
    tak berapa masuk dengan blog berbahasa Melayu 🙂

  • Wahlau.NET says:

    hehe..i got not found?

  • wizvax says:

    mine NOT FOUND..haha

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