Judgment Day for MFA (Made for AdSense) Sites Is Here

Posted on 13th July, 2006

A recent post from the official AdWords Blog gave out a clue that Google would run their new algorithms for evaluating landing page quality this week. Those who are providing low quality landing page such as MFA sites will experience an increase in their minimum bid.

It looks like this move has been quite effective in getting rid of those pesky MFA sites. A search for “paint sample” now produces no MFA sites that I’ve came across earlier.

Unfortunately not everything that comes out from this new algorithm implementation is good news. At Webmaster World Forums, a member shows a 2000% increase in cost which seems to be attributed to the quality of the landing page.

A member at Digital Point Forums claims that a large amount of minimum bids were raised to $10. While most of those affected are running MFA’s, some legitimate sited might have been hit too.

I am personally experiencing a reduction in my AdWords costs so far this month and conversion rates seem to be on the rise, but it’s still too early to say whether the new algorithm has affected me positively.

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  • John Hocking says:

    I have a product site that was effected by the change. Most of my keywords went to $10 a click

    John Hocking

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