Kinderstart’s Lawsuit against Google Dismissied

Posted on 15th July, 2006

You may have heard about this lawsuit where Kinderstarts, a directory and search engine for information related to children sue Google over their poor ranking.

KinderStart alleges that its parenting search engine site suffered an approximate 70 percent drop in monthly traffic in March last year after Google buried its visibility in search results. KinderStart, which claims to have originally been in the first 10 results when Web users scoured the Internet for KinderStart, also saw an 80 percent drop in AdSense revenue.


While Google and other search engines have been sued over rankings before, no lawsuit of this type appears to have succeeded. That’s in part because search engines can claim to have a First Amendment right to rank Web sites as they see fit–much like a restaurant reviewer or book reviewer has a right to publish its own rankings.

I suppose the dismissal does not come as a suprise to many but nevertheless it left the door open for the lawsuit to be amended and refiled to which Kinderstart attorney Gregory Yu claimed victory.

Yu also said he was encouraged by the judge’s discussion pertaining to the defamation claim, and he urged other Web site publishers to contact him at Glawinfo.com to join the lawsuit, which seeks class action status.

“The decision suggests that, if properly alleged, Google may be defaming a whole class of Web sites sacked with a ‘0’ PageRank,” he wrote in a statement. “If plaintiffs show Google manually tampered with even a single Web site’s PageRank, Google’s entire claim of ‘objectivity’ of search results and rankings could collapse.”

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