Kontera ContentLink Returns

Last modified on 25th June, 2007

You may have noticed that the Kontera ads have made a come back here at Sabahan.com. Kontera offers in-text ads which are imbedded into text and identifiable by the double underlined link throughout my blog.

While it doesn’t get me too excited because of bad usability factors and intrusive nature associated with such ads, I feel it’s always good to have a firsthand experience running Kontera, be it positive or negative.

In my previous attempt, Kontera was run for a day. That wasn’t enough to test drive the ads to form sufficient opinions about its potential as a source of advertising revenue.

In particular, I am testing to see how it’ll affect my AdSense income, traffic level and readers experience. I’ll also be watching the relevancy of the ads – whether they are in context with the post where they appear in.

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  • Arstan says:

    The code is installed, may be it takes time?

  • pablopabla says:

    Oklah, we give you a couple of months to have it installed and report back to us on your $$$ earnings. We’ll bear with the minor obstrusiveness 😉 LOL!

    • Gaman says:

      If I make a lot of money from it, I’ll probably keep it, but not when it causes lasting bad user’s experience. I learn that from the evil John Chow LOL.

      Anyway it looks like the Kontera links don’t appear as often as I anticipated.

  • lilian says:

    I actually received the code but did not put it cos I write paid posts and I need to individually add the code to hide Kontera every time. But if you make lots of moolah, then, tell me. I will then willing to go through the trouble. Hahaha. We are all watching you like an eagle.

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