LHDN e-Filing Security Problem Fixed

Posted on 17th April, 2007

I posted earlier about a discovery made by a blogger about the data leak he was experiencing why filling his tax returns.

Just want to update that the problem has been fixed.

Thanks for repeating and just to inform you I’m met someone in the Taxation industry and they are close with LHDN and will assist me to clear this up and hope to arrange a proper meet up to verify the info I saw and print screened is true and not fabricated. I also ask them about your company and Najlah and they verified that as well so no point to assume anywise. Thanks again for contacting me in the 1st place to help.

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  • papajoneh says:

    fulamak… nasib belum buat lagi e-filing. 🙂

  • shah says:

    I love e-flling. It’s make my job easy. I help my mother in law doing e-filling. No need to go PGRM send manualy. but for the first time you still need to go there. get the password.

  • Hi,

    I assume that when you say password, you are actually refering to the PIN number. The Password is actually something that you will create an you subsequently use it to signon to the e-Filing system

    If you already have a Tax File number, there should be no need for you to go to the LHDN office to get your PIN number. They would have either send it out to you on your Borang or you should be able to request it by sending an email with your details to callcentre@hasil.net.my.

    Also if you used the efiling last year and you still have your certificate that you downloaded last year, then you can use that (providing that you remembered your password )

    Trevor Keegan

  • dennis xin says:

    This efiling is not friendly; when you select the ENGLISH version, still the “Form” is writen in Bahasa Malaysia. We are eductaed from the English medium, and expect us to know all this Pustaka Malay.

  • peter says:

    E filing hopeless

    Too slow

    To key in a page takes one hour

    Something wrong with the server

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