Listing of Some Free Keyword Suggestion Tools

Posted on 12th February, 2007

Rustybrick of Search Engine Roundtable has listed several free keyword suggestion tools you can use in your keyword research.

This tool can be helpful in helping advertisers find new keywords to use in their pay per click campaigns. However, because these tools are free, your competitors are likely using them and probably are finding the same keywords too.

Nevertheless, I still think these tools can be an important addition in your marketing arsenal.

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool
Google Keyword Tool
Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool
Keyword Discovery Free Tool
Google Trends
DigitalPoint Keyword Suggestion Tool
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

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  • Azmeen says:

    I believe his pseudonym is rustybrick and not rustrybrick as you’ve posted.

    Those are pretty useful tools. Thanks for sharing the post 🙂

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