Making easy money from your blog

Posted on 7th April, 2006

First off, please excuse the title, contrary to what it says, there’s no such thing as making easy money from your blog.

It takes hard work, diligence and patience to be a successful blogger. Some may say being lucky plays an important role too. But luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it.

Back to the easy money part, Andrew Johnson of Web Publishing Blog writes

If you are in this game for the long term, don’t do dumb things today for easy money. The most obvious example are the people that click on their own Adsense ads. Easy money, right? Click, click, click, cha-ching.

Why would you want to exchange your status at Google for a few hundred dollars (if even that much)? A year from now your site could be making $100 a day and sending real people to advertisers.

Take bloggers who promote low-quality clickbank garbage, as an example. They are exchanging their name and reputation for some quick cash. Are a few thousand dollars this month really worth six figure opportunities next year?

If you are beginning your online journey it may difficult to see the road ahead of you. Along the way there will be short term, fast cash for you to chase after. Sometimes it will be the result of your hard work. Just pause and make sure that the money isn’t costing you, or your website, long term revenue.

That’s a good question to ask ourselves that would keep us grounded. Don’t gamble our future potential revenue for a quick buck.


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  • Richard says:

    Funny, the people who want a “quick buck” usually create some clickbank garbage and have other affiliates sell it for them.

  • zape says:

    yes, just one way.. work hard..

  • Chris says:

    Those cheating will be found out so it’s not worth it, if you want to earn money from your site then content is king.

  • yes..good hard works really works. that is proven everywhere

  • YTechCity says:

    agree, clickbank is the best way to make money online

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