Malaysia is the world’s record-breaking capital

Last modified on 5th April, 2006

The story about the Malaysian record breaking obsession seems to be picked up by media from around the world.

Wired magazine has published a story about Malaysia as the world record-breaking capital.

Talking about record breaking, even the small town where I live in didn’t want to be left out. Apparently, we are the record holder for having the longest bamboo mattress in Malaysia. In a positive way, this has attracted some media publicity and to some extent has put my town on the local tourism map. But most of the time, my town is just like other peaceful and quiet little town.

This record setting frenzy seems to be concentrated more in other places. Whether this is good or bad, the writer of the article has this to say:

The efforts are chronicled in the Malaysia Book of Records, a compendium of 2,005 of the country’s bests, firsts, biggests, and longests. Many attempts are so outlandish – most time spent cooped up in a vehicle – that they’re regularly slotted into the “wacky news” segments on newscasts around the world. To Western eyes, the country seems like a nation of attention-hungry circus freaks. But in Malaysia, the desire to build the largest tea bag or gather the most twins at a single location is a form of national pride.

I wouldn’t go as far as to brand Malaysian as attention-hungry circus freaks, but there’s nothing wrong with having some fun once in a while.

But from where I am sitting, we do not really pay much attention to most of the records. They usually get little coverage by the Sabah media except those media from west Malaysia and others from around the world.

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