Malaysian Bloggers Undeterred by Lawsuit

Posted on 31st January, 2007

Here’s a news from AFP about the two Malaysian bloggers being sued by a newspaper.

If you don’t know it already, Ahirudin the owner of “Rocky’s Bru” blog and Jeff Ooi of “Screenshots” are being sued for series of posts critical of government policy that were published on their sites.

Under a deal floated by New Straits Times Press, its newspaper and Ooi has agreed to refrain from publishing articles or posting comments related to the lawsuit. Likewise Ahirudin and the NSTP have came up with a similar agreement.

This step was taken to prevent prejudicing the case.

The thing is, anybody can and setup a blog and discuss about the lawsuit. This is what happening now as new blogs mushroom and existing blogs continue to write about it

If two of the bloggers were to create anonymous blogs at blogger.com to talk about the issue, there’s nothing stopping them too.

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  • Joneh says:

    i just read it in the New Sabah Times. Its been long overdue. Whatever the outcome, we Malaysian still bound by the government rules & regulation. no such think is “freedom of speech”. Im not surprise if my statement here be quoted also as againts the country or whatever. its a sad story but we gotta live with it. sad sad.

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