Malaysian Clones digg

Posted on 26th March, 2007

Perhaps in the spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ a Malaysian has cloned the digg website. Cloning without permission from the original creator is one thing, but placing the Malaysian flag next to the digg logo is totally irresponsible.

It gives the impression that Malaysian in general is a bunch of thieves who couldn’t care less about stealing other people intellectual properties. They are basically ripping off the logo, entire layout and text from digg.com.

With AdSense ads all over the site, it isn’t too far fetch to assume that the main motivation for creating the site is probably to make money. The commenting system is filled with posts from anonymous spammers. Digg.com.my has been up since December 2006 and from the look of it, it doesn’t get that many visitors until it was recently dugg by the offical digg.com – ironic.

Apparently the site was created by someone called Arsyan. He is working for Josh Lim the guy behind advertlets.com. According to Josh, Arsyan created the digg clone before he joined them.

I think Kevin Rose, the original creator of digg.com, will let this one slips away unless it starts becoming one of digg’s real competitors – which will never happen.

Having too many copyright infringement issues associated to Josh Lim, directly or otherwise can’t be good for him.


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  • Azmeen says:

    Well that’s “Malaysia Boleh” for you 🙂

    There’s nothing wrong with cloning an idea, however ripping the look and feel and interface as well? That’s just plain plagiarism in my books.

    As for this cheapo web site becoming a digg competitor? I guess it’ll happen when hell freezes over, followed by a spell of hellish warming and another hell ice age before it happens 😉

  • Undertypo says:

    Seem like lately this Josh Lim guy become quite famous in Malaysia blogging world.

  • papajoneh says:

    Josh who again? 😉
    anyway, i really do not like people simplyx2 put our M’sian flag there. Thats no respect. Especially when you know its not original. Geez. No shame one!

  • toxicle says:

    Shame shame shame …. but I’m sure the creator can see it for himself … judging from the diggs on the frontpage … it’s like slapping your own face in public.

  • melvin,foong says:

    If the guy should feel shame for cloning digg and put a malaysian flag, then all of us malaysian should be ashamed when we sing negaraku, when the song was bluntly, mamula moon

    • Gaman says:

      Found this info somewhere here

      Negaraku was originated from the song Terang Bulan and was compose much more earlier than Mamula Moon.. Mamula Moon was composed in year 1947 and Terang Bulan was play in 1887 during the installation of King Edward VII.

      and this

  • tk2 says:

    Since there’s an open source software called ‘pligg’, everyone can create their own digg.

    another clone->>http://www.investlah.com/
    they don’t even change the default theme.Shame la.

  • Josh Lim says:

    Hi, thanks for the writeup – your article is fairly accurate, however, I’ll like to note that if I had actually infringed any “copyrights”, Guiness Anchor Berhad would have been able to sue me in a local court. They were not able to 🙂

    Perhaps this article might give you a better look at my intention behind pulling the whole “whoisadamking” stunt sometime back – http://www.promuda.com/?ch=12&pg=64&ac=151

    Some people in the web design field that they have personally told their clients that story to encourage them to market and brand themselves on the web. I’ll like to believe it helped make a postive difference in the local advertising and web design scene, although it was carried out in a decidedly unconventional manner. Cheers!

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