Malaysia’s Top Internet Marketer Lets Domain Name Expires

Posted on 17th March, 2008

Of all people, Gobala Krishnan forgets to renew his blog’s domain name at http://www.gobalakrishnan.com/ and as it appears, the domain has expired on 14 March 08 and now redirected to Godaddy’s domain parking page.

A similar incident happened to Advertlets.com, a Malaysian own online advertising company which had its domain expired on January 3, 2008. The case attracted quite an attention as it involved thousands of publishers who sell advertising space via Advertlets.com system.


Anyway back to Gobala, he is a great Internet marketer and one can only wonder how he could end up having one of his important domain names expires. But I understand that he was probably just too busy with other important projects which could easily steal a considerable amount of his time.

He was recently given the privilege to grace the front page of Tech&U over at New Straits Times. You know you’ve reached a certain status level when the national newspaper wants to feature you on their front page, so more power to him!


Anyway talking about expiring domain names, there’s a chance that you’ll never get it back. Your competitors may use this opportunity to seize that domain name via backordering and snap it up the instant it becomes available and use it as they wish once they own it.

Backorder is a service that attempts to register an expired domain name on behalf of an entity before someone else grabs it. With over 750,000 domains expire every month you can imagine there exist an opportunity to make money instantly when one can get hold of a hot, high PageRank and high traffic domain name.

Of course there would be legal repercussions in some cases but I imagined the Malaysian’s cyber law hasn’t catch up with this thing yet – correct me if I’m wrong. Any such case will be a watershed once it’s initiated.

By the way, backordering has helped me got a hold on Sabahan.com. In my case though the owner let it expired and I was the first to grab it and became the proud owner in less than one second it became available.

Currently, I am monitoring twelve or so other domain names. None of them are copyrighted of course or belongs to a particular person who has build up his brand around that domain name.

If you don’t want to end up having your important domain names expire, I suggest you register them for at least 2 years in advance. Important domains should be registered 5 years or longer in advance. Also be sure to pay attention to the domain name renewal notice sent by your domain name registrar.

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  • rah leinad says:

    Wow what a surprising guffaw, but then, come to think abt it, I have been known to let my driving license expire a coupla times before! Anyway I’m a noobies to the world of Internet marketing and one of the 1st sites I bookmarked was gobala’s and now I find myself totally hooked on the information that you provide on sabahan.com. TQ

  • eshark says:

    Well, I think they’ve been busy calculating on how much income they have online until forgot to renew the domain.. Ha! Ha! that’s not a good situation for an internet marketer, I agree with you to register at least 2 years.

  • Azmeen says:

    Ouch… that gotta suck!

    Hope he’ll be able to get it back though. It’s a shame to see the hard work he put into the domain go to waste.

  • Andy says:

    Wow! It’s been 3 days. Is he aware of this? Hopefully he’ll get back the domain name.

    Scary. 😀

  • Adam says:

    I just checked and apparently he got it back as the site is up and running but no mention of the expiry.

    • Gaman says:

      You are right. The blog is back online.

      Updated Date: 17-mar-2008
      Creation Date: 15-mar-2004
      Expiration Date: 15-mar-2010

  • Steve Wong says:

    Haha…that is funny 😛

    How could he be so careless? That domain fees is just a penny to gobala but the consequences of loosing his domain may cost many thousands….

  • Iskandar says:

    For those who make money online, forgetting when your precious domain expires is a bigger sin than forgetting your girlfriends birthday.

    After all, the registrar surely emailed you a couple of times before it happened.

    Why Gobala? Why?

  • Kay Kastum says:

    Yep. He blogged about it too.

  • Lorna says:

    It’s a blunder alright, but very often domain name owners have a 30-day grace period to update them, so I wasn’t too worried that somebody else would take over his domain that fast.

  • Mr. Rajawang says:

    Thanks for the tips.. yeah he blogged about it already.

  • titan says:

    hoho. NO wonder its happen today. Maybe he forget and really busy.

  • Amazing, i guess this things just happen sometimes.

  • Hehe, talk about bad timing, I was on holidays overseas with little internet access when this happened. You can read more about it on my blog (yes I got the domain back!)


  • Felex Tan says:

    Gongratuation Gobala Krishnan,you are the leader of internet business in Malaysia,we are following your success footstep,nothing can stop you to moving to another stage of internet GURU..

  • Rice Blogger says:

    hehe…forgot to renew his credit card details

  • papajoneh says:

    Hmmm… beginning to miss you Gaman. Come on. update us. 🙁

  • gaman says:

    Will post some update tomorrow 🙂

  • Yen says:

    Wow, Gobala Krishnan is really is №1 in Malaysia Internet business. I try to examine detailed information on the website success. Thank for information in this post!

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