MarketingSherpa’s Top Best Marketing Blogs & Best Podcast of 2006

Posted on 1st July, 2006


The result of the MarketingSherpa’s Top Best Blogs & Best Podcast of 2006 has been announced recently.

Marketing Sherpa is a research firm, publisher and sellers of really useful case studies, benchmark data and how to information for marketing and advertising. Their ebooks have helped me maximize my products’ conversion rates to stay profitable and market them more effectively.

Anyway, after thousands of votes tallied, here are the results of the voting. There are many must read blogs there if you are into Internet marketing and SEO. Some of them are


Best Blog on Search Marketing
Search Engine Roundtable
Bloggers include: Barry Schwartz, Benjamin Pfeiffer, Chris Boggs, Kim Krause, Shawn Hogan, Ignacio Hernandez, Morgan Carey & Dan Thies

Best blog on Affiliate Marketing
by Larry Adams, David Andrews, Connie Berg, Jamie Birch, Chris Boyd, Dave Cole, Joel Comm, Brian Clark, Henry Copeland, Todd Crawford, Chris Criswell, Sean Crotty, Jimmy Daniels, Jeff Doak, Declan Dunn, Ola Edvardsson, Caryl Felicetta, Peter Figueredo, Bill Flitter, Ben Flux, Scott Jangro, Beth Kirsch, Jim Kukral, Duane Kuroda, Dan Leeds, David Lewis, Vinny Lingham, Chris Malta, Colin McDougall, Jonathan Miller, Jeff Molander, Mike Murray, Ben Padnos, Jeremy Palmer, Scott Polk, Wayne Porter, Rick Ramos, Peter Sampson, Chris Sanderson, Brook Schaaf, Tim Storm, Shmuly Tennenhaus, Adam Viener & Brad Waller

Best Blog on Advertising
by Steve Hall

Sherpa Note: Does sex sell? We’ve seen data that it can depress ad campaign results. However, obviously it doesn’t hurt you as a blogger in the world of advertising. Steve Hall, known for witty commentary combined with ad photos of scantily clad young women, has obviously captured the hearts of advertising execs.


Read the full story here: MarketingSherpa’s Top 10 Best Blogs & Best Podcast of 2006: Readers’ Choice Award Results


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