Mass hacking of phpBB forums by FuntKlakow bot is being planned?

Posted on 20th March, 2006

If you are running a forum using the phpBB software you might want to check if a user named FuntKlakow has registered as a member. During the last few days a bot using that name has been registering itself to tens, possible hundreds, of thousands of phpBB forums.

I found out this bot has also registered itself with two of my forums. A suggestion on how to defense against these kind of bots can be find here but I don’t see any quick solution using that method.

What I did was banned FuntKlakow and enable visual conformation. If a vanilla visual confirmation doesn’t keep off all the spambots, someone from phpBB Community forum suggested combining it with other tricks or change your captcha

Further discussion about FuntKlakow can be found here and here.

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