Microsoft launches Windows Live Search

Posted on 9th March, 2006

Now you can test drive Microsoft’s Windows Live Search at Live.com.

The features included

  • A search slider bar that offers previews of data in various forms, perhaps just the Internet address of a Web site, or maybe a snippet of text. As the slider is adjusted, more or less information appears.
  • A “smart scroll” function that displays all search results at once rather than on separate pages.
  • Various ways to view pictures, say, as small “thumbnail” shots or full-sized images, without leaving the search page.
  • An ability for users to save their search parameters as macros that can be run to perform the same search in the future. Microsoft said people will also be able to publish their search macros so people with similar interests can use them.

I did a quick search and I felt it’s better than Google in the functionality and user interface departments. One thing that will decide whether it’ll sink or swim is the relevancy of the search results.

Read Microsoft launches Web search engine

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  • TheWheeler says:

    They found out it was better to integrate Live.com into MSN. 🙂

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