Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player 11

Posted on 23rd May, 2006

Microsoft has released Windows Media Player 11 (beta) for Windows XP and integrated its online music store named URGE, a joint venture with MTV Networks into the player.

Version 11 only plays music files that support Microsoft’s DRM (Digital Rights Management) software, which means it won’t be compatible with iTunes.

Other features of this software include CDs ripping, CDs/DVDs playback, video playback, download music files to your portable MP3 player and more.

Check out Windows Media Player 11

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  • Urge software is crap.

    After 9 MB download, you will have to download 25 MB media player software crap, then after that again 25 MB Urge Library, shit.

    After All, they forgot to make an uninstall button???? This software is worser than a virus. It makes your PC like a slave.

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