Minimising Feed Overload

Posted on 6th May, 2007

I hate to see the burgeoning number of unread items in my Google Reader every time I skip reading a day or two. Sure there’s a sense of accomplishment once I gone through the list and mark all as read but really, that’s not very productive is it?

As a blogger, I should spend more time writing not reading.

So I deleted blog feeds but left one that I think represent the news happenings that are being reported by multiple blogs.

Feeds that contain general tech news such as digg was also deleted. I rather visit the website directly in my spare time now. I’ve also deleted feeds that contain less practical or how to information.

In the end the feed that I’m left with are those that offer unique content. I am still deleting and try to get over the feeling that I might miss something important from certain feeds.

If you look at it from a blogger point of view, it’s very important to offer something unique to you readers.

Try offering a different perspective and contribute to the conversation and not just repeating what others are saying. I personally try to do that but sometimes I have to be brief if time does not permit.

ShowMoney reads 10 feed and yet he is making US10,000 from his blog. I don’t think JohnChow.com is an active feed reader either and he’s making about the same amount from his blog. These bloggers write, they don’t read (well may be a little).

If you are subscribers to many blog feeds and able to managed better that me, I say good for you.

Would you mind sharing how you do it? 🙂

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  • kucau says:

    I have nearly 100 feeds , but of course i don’t read ALL of it. Google reader actually saves my trouble to manage these feeds. Yeah , being in medical line forced me to update every aspect of knowledges.

  • Ades says:

    I think you are on the right direction. Deleting blogs that does not really contribute to your business intelligence is a good step, I am sure you will be more productive by just reading the cream of the blogosphere. I myself read about 10-20 blogs only.

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