Monetize your blog feed with Feedburner Ad Network

Posted on 27th April, 2006


Feedburner has announced recently the opportunity for publishers to make money from their feeds by allowing them to place ads and get paid for it.

Publishers participation in the FeedBurner Ad Network is currently by invitation only. Selection is based on how long FeedBurner has managed your feed, your subscriber base size and frequency of posting. This is done to ensure the balance between supply and demand is maintained.

However if your feed is well-subscribed and updated regularly, you can email them at publishers@feedburner.com to let them know your interest.

In a follow up announcement, Feedburner unveils the availability of a self-service interface to help advertisers purchase ads:

On the heels of our first announcement on the topic, we follow up with the availability of a self-service interface designed to make the ad-buying process easier for advertisers. The new self-service tools provide a quick way to bypass human contact and purchase media directly via the FeedBurner Web site. If you are a media buyer, ad agency or marketer looking to participate in this new medium, this is the place.

This concept is similar to Google’s Adwords self serve ability to advertise one’s sites. However at an average of $5.00 CPM across all channels, I can’t help but think the deal is a little pricey. Unless the value is determined dynamically by market force like that of Adwords, only then advertiser would probably feel more comfortable with it.

I also feel that feed ads receives a low click through rate (CTR). This is because the feed interface and ads location are fixed; therefore a regular reader could easily develop blind spots to ignore the ads.

I suppose the CTR can be improved if FeedBurner allows ad revisions during the running of the campaign. This would give advertisers the ability to create highly relevant and timely ads with the current posts to attract readers’ attention.

Anyway, you never know unless you give it a try right. So I might sign up as an advertiser to find out the effectiveness of this advertising method.

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