My AdWords Experiment at John Chow Dot com – Could It Attract More Traffic At a Lower Cost?

Posted on 27th July, 2007

Some of you may have noticed that currently I have an AdWords campaign running over at JohnChow.com. I wanted to see whether AdWords could drive me more traffic at a lower in comparison to my previous ReviewMe order.

So far the result has been encouraging. I’ve also noticed an increase in my RSS subscription.

In addition to running my ads at JohnChow.com, I am also testing them over at several other blogs such as BloggingTips.com.

If you’d like to read the result of my experiment and get some insight as to the effectiveness of using AdWords to drive traffic to your own blog, please subscribe to my blog via RSS or email.

I’ll post the results here once I have enough data to analyse.

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  • pablopabla says:

    Er…how come I don’t see your ad at his site?

  • lucia says:

    I saw the ad at JC’s site.

    I’d already visited sabahan (which I think is a better site) and had it book marked, so I just visited without clicking the adwords. 🙂

    • Gaman says:

      lucia, welcome to Sabahan.com! The site targeted AdWords campaign is charged on a CPM basis not ppc. So the more clicks the better 🙂

  • iCalvyn says:

    adword are so woderful, i didn try this before, how much a click you paid? mind to share? i mean at johnchow blog’s ads…

  • well, I definitely found this blog through the John Chow site adsense ad. I had never heard of this blog before that. And I immediately subscribed.

    I will be very interested in hearing the results of this compared to the ReviewMe article, and also what you spent for the adWords campaign (since I’ve never used adWords).

  • Cant wait to see the results! This should be quite interesting…

  • lucia says:

    I’ve visited your blog before. I even let you know about my Kontera plugin and I get hits from your blog. 🙂

    Your blog is a good resource — but I think you paying JohnChow money is a waste of good money!

    But thanks for the welcome.

  • fayz says:

    It would be good to know too.. Hongkiat used to run similar tricks on my blog..but only for a few weeks i guess entertainment and internet marketing don’t gel

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