My Cat Clicked On My AdSense Ads

Posted on 30th March, 2007

Like all self-respecting and responsible AdSense publishers, I am careful not to click on my own AdSense ads. If I find an ad that interests me, I usually check its URL and type it directly into my browser address bar.

You can also use the Preview Tool to check the destination of ads that are on your page. Ads displayed in the preview tool are in a test state so you don’t have to worry about accidentally clicking on an ad.

But what happen if my cat clicks on my AdSense ad? He likes to sleep on the table where I am working and sometimes do what some cats usually do – play with the mouse and keyboard.

Will Google accept my explanation if I say my cat clicked on my AdSense ads?


I was inspired to post this after I read Philipp Lenssen discussion about clicking own AdSense at Google Blogoscoped. His response to the AdSense clicker cats phenomena is as follows

Your kitten can click on your ads, as it doesn’t own the AdSense account, and you’re not able to judge whether the cat was genuinely interested (because you can’t communicate to your cat about this). However, you are not allowed to throw your kitten on the keyboard, because that would mean you “directly or indirectly generate queries”. And I think it’s against animal rights πŸ™‚

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  • ashotiwoth says:

    haha… u have a cute cat there… my cat would definitely loved to do the same, but never dare as I would just spank him for doing so since small… so, my cat sleeps on the table, only on chairs occasionally πŸ™‚ but you have an excuse there πŸ™‚ cat clicking on ur adsense… hehehe

  • weirdoux says:

    hah…hah… hah….

    you just make me laugh laaaa…..!
    what a clever cat… well, you should know that your cat need a blog too..!

    build one for your cat ….

  • Sajid Iqbal says:

    There must be some clarifications in Google Adsense TOS for this. πŸ™‚ . . .

  • Tony says:

    Hehe, there were some videos on YouTube about kittens being very amused with Apple’s FrontRow (quite cute). One just needs to design a similarly interactive website (with some AdSense ads of course), and let a kitten have a go at it with a touch screen. Congrads, you can now live off off your own, genuinely interested (just look at how excited it is), kitten. πŸ™‚

  • toxicle says:

    Clear your cookies before letting your cat click πŸ™‚

  • globalhostinggroup says:

    all right i can train my dog to do this is that accetable πŸ™‚

    • Tony says:

      Clearly that’s not as cute as an excited kitten. Besides, it would be easier to train one of those “drinking bird” things that tilts back and forth (don’t remember what those are called).

  • That was sarcastic! LOL

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  • Abdul Rahman says:

    It’s obvious that your cat doesn’t own that account though you own that cat and maybe you should try to train your cat to click on Adsense ads once everyday. πŸ™‚

  • idotkontji says:

    wew… nice story… i think u should give ur kitty to me… i think i like it…. puusss,,,, meoooooonnngg…..

  • Josephine Muna says:

    Ha,ha,ha…thats a cute one.You’ll never know it might click when you’re not looking.

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