My First Post Since That Last Post Over Two Years Ago!

Posted on 6th September, 2012

Hello people! I felt like writing something here after the rather long silence.

I am still around but I’ve been doing my own stuff. Blogging is just an avenue for me to share my experiences or thoughts about the online marketing scene. So I’ll update the blog when I have something to share.

By the way, I am now getting involved with Android app development, nothing fancy, just getting my feet wet. I might write about it in the future.

I wonder how many subscribers this blog have now. If you still visit this blog, I thank you for your support.

In the mean time, as you can tell, I have not been very active in the blogosphere for a while and might have some catch up to do. I was wondering which marketing blogs are you reading right now to get your fix on SEO, Internet marketing and making money online news. Feel free share them in the comments.

Are there new marketing blogs (Malaysian own especially) people should be aware of?

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  • WLO Aquilo says:

    Wb 😀 i subscribe ur blog long ago.. (^_^)v then suddenly appear in mail, test… post :)) so i visit to see what new hehe…

  • Alb says:

    …it will be the latest post for the next one and a half years… maybe :p 🙂

  • iAwani says:

    wow! Gaman is back! we will always give full support.

  • Hi bro, long time no see. I’ve been checking out ur blog many times to see if there are any updates but none. Good to see u back at blogging. I’m also a fellow sabahan. Thanks for the advice in ur blog. It gave me a start in IM and I’ve never turned back.

  • Salman says:

    nice reading from you after long long time.

  • Andrew says:

    Gaman, Nice to get some news from you.

  • Joel K says:

    So It’s been about 6 months since that this post that was the last post since 2 years ago. You planning on doing another one soon?

  • Gerry says:

    Looking forward to your next update, hopefully you’re not aiming for two years again!

  • Kay Kastum says:

    A fan of yours in reading what you have to say about tech and making money online. Hope you start writing again soon!

  • All By Nose says:

    Just drop by… Hmmm… still around but no new posts here 🙁

  • Iklan says:

    We have enjoyed Gaman’s articles and wish there are more to come.

  • Great to hear Gaman is into Android app development.

  • Reload Food says:

    So long no see you update d, how it goes?


  • Blog Viral says:

    I follow your blog since 2009. How come you blog now never been update? keep it up..

  • Permata Hati says:

    Hello Gaman. Its been a long long time that you didn’t writting a post. We still waiting for your new post 🙂 . By the way your blog is really meaningfull for me 🙂 .

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