MYSQL – the model 21st-century company?

Posted on 3rd June, 2006

Apparently, MySQL the company that creates the open source database software is actually worth $40 million. What makes this company more interesting is that there’re no physical headquarters to manage things.

It workforce totaling 320 people scattered from 25 different countries, 70 percent of whom work from home.

I believe more and more new companies will follow this model as the Internet becomes faster and more integrated into our daily life.

You can make free voice calls over the Internet, use email to send documents, use instant messenger to get in touch with anybody anytime around the world.

When it comes to evaluating productivity, you eliminate other variables that exist in the ‘real world’ which tend to make us less efficient. Everything comes down to the final product, the quality of the output.

Who needs commuting to the office?

In my own, modest experience, I’ve been hiring people from India, Argentina and even the US to help me with some of my software projects on a contractual basis. I have an assistant working full time from home in KL.

Read more about MySQL: Workers in 25 countries with no HQ

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