Netscape Relaunched As Digg Killer?

Posted on 17th June, 2006


AOL is revamping Netscape.com from a typical web portal to a hybrid news site.

It borrows many elements from the social bookmarking and news aggregation sites such as del.icio.us and Digg where users can recommend news and article they find elsewhere and vote for their top choices.

To differentiate itself from Digg, several editors are appointed who will hand pick and highlight a couple of stories each day from the user-voted pool.

The new Netscape also feature related images and links to comments, for 30 different topic channels.

Netscape.com will still have links to weather, e-mail and other features commonly associated with portals, but they will not be as prominent.

I haven’t registered as a member yet but find some of the features interesting. However I find the advertising filled pages quite annoying.

Netscape.com beta can be found at http://www.beta.netscape.com/.

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